Must-have guitar accessories!

Must-have guitar accessories!

When it comes to guitar accessories you’re bound to stumble across a huge variety but as a beginner, it’s best to start off with basic accessories you’ll most likely need. So if you’re ready to start jamming with friends and family, Chapman’s Guitar has created a list of all must-have accessories to have as a beginner! Check them all out down below!

  1. Picks

Guitar picks are one of the most common accessories but are actually the least used. Some guitarists actually don’t need one to play while others feel like it makes them play better. So it all depends on your preference but just to be sure if you either need one or not, it won’t hurt to try. 

So when picking out picks you should know there are 3 kinds which are Acetal, Celluloid and Nylon. Picks are mainly used to help you strum the guitar strings more precisely and refined so try using one when practising. If it works for you, good! But if you find yourself not needing it, it’s fine.

  1. Guitar straps

Straps are a helpful accessory that’ll allow you to have better leverage over your guitar when playing while standing up. It’s still essential to have one since this can also provide your guitar extra protection. 

There are tons of guitar straps in the market you’ll surely enjoy from thick-strapped, thin-strapped, leather, nylon, cotton and all in a wide variety of designs! So don’t forget to add this item to your cart when shopping for guitar accessories.

  1. Tuners

Another helpful accessory is tuners. As a beginner, it’s normal to not know how to tune your guitar without the help of this accessory. Even guitarists who’ve been playing for years might not know how to tune a guitar themselves. So when picking out a tuner know you have the choices of sampling either:

  • A tuning app
  • A clip-on tuner
  • A plug-in tuner
  • Pedal tuners
  • Polyphonic tuners
  • Handheld tuners
  • Rack tuners
  • Sound Hole tuners
  • Virtual tuners
  1. Amplifiers

A thing that’ll give you a bit more confidence when practising is amps. These are used to amplify the sound of your guitar may it be an acoustic or electric one but make sure your guitar supports this device since some guitars are plainly made without the ability of plug-ins. You can either opt for a cabled or Bluetooth amp depending on what your guitar supports. So when looking for a great guitar accessory don’t forget to get yourself your own amp!

  1. Strings

When heading off to the music shop add guitar strings to the top of your list of things to get. And as a helpful tip let clerks at the music shop install the strings since this can be a tricky job for a beginner plus they’ll also be able to tune it for you as well.

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